Some great back squat numbers today! Tomorrow, we get a bit more technical with some snatch work:

See what we mean about "gymnastics with a barbell"? A few important things to notice here: 1. the way she gets her knees out of the way off the floor 2. the way she uses her lats to pull the bar into her hip above her knee 3. the way she simultaneously pulls the bar up while pulling herself under it.

That's 253 lbs, in case you were wondering.


MOVEMENT PREP: A. Peanut to t-spine w/ glute bridge, 30s. Peanut to subscap and serratus, 30s/side. B. Band activation series: 2 rounds: 5 rows w/ 1s pause each, 5 face pulls, 5 front raises to reverse flys. C. 20 jumping jacks, 20 karate jacks, 16 spiderman steps w/ hulk toss, 16 lateral lunges, 5-4-3-2-1 inchworm push ups or inchworm to plank, 10 windmills, 10 arm circles, 10 arm pretzels, 10 shoulder shrugs, 10 wrist circles

STRENGTH/SKILL: Snatch/OHS warm-up, with an empty barbell: 5 back squats, 5 snatch-grip push presses, 5 OHS, 5 tall muscle snatches (no hips, emphasize good bar path), 5 pull-unders (start in extension, shrug bar to around belly button, pull under as quickly as possible), 5 high hang snatches, 5 hang snatches, 5 snatches from the floor


Work up to a tough but not too heavy load in the following complex: 1 Snatch + 2 Overhead Squats @ 32X1. 32X1 is what's called a tempo. It means that you will descend into the bottom of your squat on a 3 count. Once you reach the bottom, you must hold it for 2s. The "X" means you will rise as quickly as possible, and the 1 means you'll pause 1s at the top before beginning the next rep. Once you hit your semi-tough load, you'll repeat it for a total of 4 sets. Obviously, the focus here is on snatch technique and ohs form rather than load.

CONDITIONING: 4x400m. Rest 1:1. Score is total time. So if your 400m takes 2:00, you must rest 2:00 before beginning your next one. Use small whiteboards to figure out your stop and start times.