IMG_5569Textbook.  The many faces of Coach J-Lau.  Perfect positioning and finding her training weight with the WOD Toys (tm), everyone can scale!  If only those 155# HPCs felt so light!

Woo Hoo!  More muscle ups this week which means more practice!  Last week we saw some athletes get their first, or their first linked, muscle ups, and we get more time to practice.  Coach Jenny has also outlined a skills progression for those of you looking for your first MU or to make headway towards your first, so that will be available soon to all of our members.  This progression, just like any progression, is great to practice during open gym hours (T and Th 3-5:30pm and Sa 11-12pm), with a little help from one of our coaches.   If you can show competence through each phase, your MU will be so easy you'll do 30 for time just for fun.  (Just like Sam Briggs- see the video below).

Workout of the Day

For time:

Run 800 m. then 5 rounds: 5 muscle-ups 10 burpees then Run 400 m.

Just for fun and to give us all a goal to shoot for, 2013 CF "Fittest Woman on Earth" Sam Briggs, 30 MU for time.  NBD.