FullSizeRender 5It's fun to represent!  Erin, showing the world her love for UP. Pick up some CF UP Stickers in the gym!

OK, so tomorrow is a bit of a deload to keep us ready for Friday's OLY Total.  Does running suck?  I think most of us will say "yes," but is it vital?  Is it a component of Fitness?  Hell Yeah.  This isn't a jog on your treadclimber reading People magazine.  This is a full out, being-chased-by-a-rabid-dog, blood-feels-like-battery-acid run.  Come in, get after it, put up some data points, and be a well rounded athlete.  And bring your running shoes.

Workout of the Day

800 x 1 400 x 2 200 x 3 Rest as needed between sets.