IMG_5302Bre, improving her movement.  Every day.  She came in early to do her movement correction exercises and we ran her through a quick toe touch correction.  5 min later, bam!   Move better = perform better. This is a great example of what doing some focused mobility and movement correction work can do for each of us.  Sometimes it's quick, sometimes we chip away at it.  If you've had your FMS, you have specific exercises.  If you have done PT with us, you should have your homework.  If you have a skill you want to improve on, you also have homework.  Showing up early, staying late or coming in during Open Gym hours (T and Th 3-5:30pm) is a great way to get those in.  We do our best to put in movement correctives into our daily warmup, but nothing beats specificity.  Come as us if you have questions about what you could be working on!

Workout of the Day

Skill: double unders/ ring dip kip


AMRAP 12 Min: 50 DU’s

10 burpees

7 ring dips

2 Deadlift @80%


Here's a quick slo-mo video of an athlete doing double unders.  Check the form: upright torso, no piking through the hips/knees, hands just in front of the hips.  Yep, looks like that!