IMG_4971Slammin' and Kickin' during this lat buster, some strong ladies getting after it at the 9am today. Thursday we go for it.  The Bear Complex.  Yeah, kinda feels like you wrestled a bear, and maybe even lost, but you'll have great stories to tell because you'll survive the encounter.  All your favorite strength/power moves wrapped up into one.  Then smoke yourself with double unders (or 3x singles).  Yeah, it'll be that kind of day.   Scale appropriately.


Workout of the Day

Skill: Bear Complex (Power Clean, Front Squat, Push Press, Back Squat)

Then, For Time:

9 bear complex 115/75#

90 DU’s

7 BC

70 DU’s

5 BC

50 DU’s

3 BC

30 DU’s

***Penalty for not having your DU's = 3x. ***

finisher: 100 situps for time