FullSizeRender 6FMS- Done!  Grace with high marks, and really happy about it. Remember, the Functional Movement Screen is included in your membership (and is included to be repeated quarterly for our Unlimited Members or available for an additional fee for our Limited Members).  If you haven't yet had yours, contact us at info@crossfit-up to schedule with one of our PTs or Coaches.

We're highly influenced by the Functional Movement System, especially when it comes to movement correction.  Our warm up is based around preparing you for the tasks to be performed in the workout, and core, glute and shoulder activation.  Over time, this should help us move better to perform better.  Each exercise is an opportunity to improve mobility, stability, or both.

Check out this video from the guys at FMS about the TGU.  Providing us with 7 opportunities to have amazing stability each time we stand up.  Let's make the most of each one.


Workout of the Day

Build up to heavy TGU 3RM


7 rounds for Time

9 ring pushups

21 KBS 53/35#