IMG_4658Fully Embraced.  Neno, Paul, Peter, Grace, Eddie and Gabby confirming the suck of death by thruster. There are two sides to the CrossFit paradigm that are both complimentary and competing; the PHYSICAL and the MENTAL.  Don't get me wrong, I f-ing hate thrusters, but the mental toughness needed to pick up that barbell and give it another shot, with another additional rep each round, steals the show on this spicy WOD.  Self doubt, visions of running out of the gym or just full collapse at some time come into our minds during a tough workout, but perseverance is so much more rewarding.  We've all heard "there are two types of pain in life: the pain of discipline and the pain of regret," today was about more about discipline, and all were successful and rewarded.


Workout of the Day

Skill: Burgener Warm Up for Power Clean


4 rounds:

In 4 minutes,

run 400 meters

20 burpees

max power cleans 135/95# *score total power cleans

No rest between rounds.