WeLovePRLots of PRs happened today in the press and back squat.  Congrats to all who have put in the time and are reaping the rewards.  Be strong and conquer. Workout of the Day

Skin the Cat practice



KB swing 53#/35#



There may be times when we want a challenge, and others where we just want to move.  Ultimately, we want to see forward progress in the overall picture.  Objective, measurable and repeatable, and we end up with PRs when we re-test.  Sometimes it's because we've been focused on it, sometimes it happens as a byproduct of consistent varied training.  Trust the process, put in your time and results will follow.

We strive to improve fitness "across broad time and modal domains," hence you should improve across all modes of training by regularly switching it up.  Whether you run often or not, you should get faster.  Whether you lift 3x a week or not, you should get stronger.  Hopefully you all are feeling it.

Then again, summer is coming, maybe we should  start doing curls........