Family Fitness time at CrossFit UP!

Meet Brooke.  Tyler and Kristin's adorable daughter with the big smile.  She can hang with the CrossFitters and Power Lifters in the gym, not even a flinch when big weights are moving or dropping, always ready to break into a big smile to say hi when things get tough in the WOD.  She's also super appreciative of Tyler's shoulder stability:)

Our children mirror our habits, good and bad, and we can only hope that they grow up to appreciate health and fitness as much as we do.  Lead by example, every day, for family, friends and others.

Speaking of friends, Coach Jenny Lau would like to give credit to Pat Sherwood of CF HQ and CF Linchpin for this WOD (part B).

A: 15 min Snatch Skill Work


B: For time

3 rope climbs

30 squat snatch 135/95#

3 rope climbs

We've been spending more time overhead, OH squatting and power snatching, now let's work on getting under the bar and catching it.  Check out this video from CF HQ of athlete Chad Vaughn with a 285# Snatch.  Beautiful athleticism in slow motion.


We have 30 of them, so we'll scale appropriately.