Claudia with a clean clean pull (yes, I said it twice, get it?) with Coach Eddie looking on.  Notice that triple extension and shrug!?!?!? Claudia Clean PullPhoto: Lisbeth Darsh


Workout of the Day Thursday 3.12.15

"Day before 15.3 Gone Bad"

3 Rounds, 1 minute each station:

max cal airdyne


medball step-ups 20/14


row for calories

1 min rest

With 15.3 around the corner, let's look to get some work in that'll leave us ready to fight again the next day.  Any guesses?  I'd rather NOT see OHS and C2B again, that's for sure.  15.2 was rough for some of us, but it's always nice to expose some weaknesses and let us know what to work on.  Should it come up again, it's always a good test of progress.  Effort and willingness to attack something that isn't in our wheelhouse is what it is all about.  Life isn't handed to us, sometimes we have to operate outside of our comfort zone, which only expands it.  "Get comfortable being uncomfortable," I've heard this many times and it is true in the gym as it is in life.  No matter what your goals are, pushing yourself a bit, safely and with consciousness, can be a good thing.  Even if the coming movements aren't your thing, let's come up with a plan so you can still get a good workout in AND learn what to work on so you can crush it in the future.