Workout of the Day: For your Survival


It's Nikki's Birthday

Happy Birthday to Nikki Losee, one of our athletes at CrossFit UP and physical therapists at DeWitt PT.  Nikki is currently training for a 50 mile endurance run, and still does CF 2-3x/week to supplement her endurance training?  Ever do a grueling workout with Nikki?  Yeah, she's the one that doesn't look tired after Murph, she's got the engine that keeps going!  We wish you a very happy birthday, Nikki!

As for our WOD: we talk a lot about functional movement, and how CF can make us better, more capable humans.  Well, let's find out how that's working when it comes to tomorrow's WOD.  Survival is something we don't often have to fight for these days in our current life.  A great example of this was a few months ago when a few of us from the gym did a GoRuck event and used our bodies in a way we were not accustomed to.  Granted, we are adults and signed up for an event to test our "survival skills" and what we were willing to endure.  Sometimes it's good to put ourselves through something we'd rather not, and end up feeling stronger for it.

Check out this video about the GoRuck Challenge: