"Hang High and Drop Low" A: Work up to a heavy double-High hang squat Clean

(high hang, shoulders stay behind bar on the dip, big shrug under bar landing in full squat position. Focuses on speed under the bar.)

Then B: AMRAP 12 Min

10 hang power cleans* 135/95 (*can start from high hang or low hang)

8 Pistols

4 muscle-ups

Getting low today, from squat cleans to pistols, we're maxing out some ranges!  How's your ankle range?  Not so good?  We'll hit the ankles in the warm up to help you get low.  Pistols are the ultimate range of motion and strength through range movement; you either can't get there or it's difficult to come out of the hole with 1 leg.  Develop these, and your strength gainz (yes, there is a "Z" on the end) will benefit greatly. Check out this video from Dr. Kelly Starrett about the importance of ankle range and how to improve it.  And yes, we did cover this in our squat clinic.