Froning-PistolHow'd you do with the pistols today?  Anybody putting "work on my damn ankle mobility" on their resolution list?  Mr. Fronning, making it look easy. Last day of 2015- MAKE IT COUNT!  It's been a challenging year of training and I'm sure that if you put in the time you have reaped the benefits of CrossFitting at UP.  We want you more fit for your overall health and wellness and to positively improve all other aspects of you lives.  If you've made some big steps this year, just think how much better next year will be.  Make 2016 the year to be the BEST you yet.

On this last workout, we want you to face your fears- and crush them.   Tomorrow is that day.  Nail the Double Unders.

15 rounds 15 Unbroken DU’s 15 KBS 35/26#