abe85acad70a1517dbb8226645df3524Great perseverance on this quad destroyer today!  Donavon takes top RX, with Curt and Ryan D with RX efforts.  Group suffering brings us all together! Tomorrow we have 2 more challenges: WOD or Enduro WOD.  Get in and get after it.

Reminder: Open gym will not be supervised as Eddie is out of town- but come on in and work on some skills or get some strength volume in, the program is on the board.


Workout of the Day A: max L-sit

B: AMRAP 12 12 Box jumps 30/24” 12 Deadlifts 255/185#


Endurance WOD

Helton 3 rounds Run 800 m. 30 DB squat cleans 50/35#, 30 Burpees


Results for Wednesday