A. lax ball shoulders, 1:00/side lax ball pecs, 30s/side

B. 2 rounds: max time single arm hang, right hand max time single arm hang, left hand 5 hanging lat push-downs 10s hollow hold

C. 3x 20s on/10s off: medball slams


weighted pull-ups (strict, pronated), to a peak of 1 -THEN- 6:00 EMOM of 4 strict pull-ups @3-4 steps easier than peak (so if I used a red band for 1, I might use a blue band + a purple band for my 4 - reps should be fast and perfect, no chin reaching or shrugging)


no conditioning today, just accessory work: A1.3 x 5/side Bulgarian split squats (add weight if necessary), r10s, R30s A2. 3 x 5/side single arm DB press, r10s, R1:00

*If you are unfamilair with this format: You do 1 set of A1 (in this case, 5/side split squats, resting 10s between legs. Rest 30s. Do 1 set of A2 (in this case, single arm db press on one arm, rest 10s, single arm db press on the other arm). Rest 1:00. Repeat (going up in weight if appropriate) until all 3 sets of each are complete.