As we get closer to Saturday, conditioning volume will decrease a bit in prep for the Total. If you're unfamilar with what's going down on Saturday, read this. Today will still feature some solid conditioning, but it's a bit of a deload workout, especially compared to yesterday's Helen. Embrace the chance to do some higher skill work and some gymnastics stuff. As you start thinking about your goals for Saturday and what numbers you might like to hit, check out this board from our last Total to get an idea of what you might like to aim for: total



A. foam roll hamstrings, 1:00/side peanut to subscap, 1:00/side

B. 3 rounds: 3 broad jumps, 3 burpees, 3 tuck jumps

C. hip star drill

D. toy soldiers, D inchworm + 2/2 shoulder taps, B WGS, D wall walk 5/5 SL RDL


8:00 EMOM 2 deadlifts @ 65-70% for speed


hang power snatch bar warm-up, 5 of each: back squat, snatch grip push-press, OHS, tall muscle snatch, snatch pull-under, high hang snatch, hang snatch.


4 rounds:

1 wall walk 20 DU 3 hang power snatches