FullSizeRender 6Ryan B, sticking his split jerk under Eddie's watchful eye. Great work on that shoulder crusher today!  Split jerks, handstand walks and T2B were all high skill movements, where any breakthrough is reason to celebrate.

Tomorrow we have our opportunity to either do the heavy workout or the long workout- or choose both!

Workout of the Day


EMOM 12 3 sq. cleans, AHAP, must be touch-n-go 3 burpee over box jumps


Endurance WOD “BROOMSTICK MILE” 25 back squats 25 front squats 25 OHS 400 m. run 25 press 25 push press 25 push jerk 400 m. run 50 hang sq. cleans 400 m. run 50 snatches 400 m. run (pvc#)