Monica T, with some universally applicable advice This will be week 3 of 5 in our strength cycle leading up to the Total on November 22. The daily lay-out is as follows:

Monday - back squat Tuesday - snatch Wednesday - press Thursday - pull-up Friday - deadlift

Your lifting work this week will include heavy volume at high percentages of your max. Overall volume, however, will be low. We'll be introducing a new format: the "cluster". Once you do it, you'll understand it quickly, even if it doesn't seem super clear on paper. Essentially, clusters are a great way to get in volume at a high percentage - again, our goal for the week.

If you are interested in the pull-up club, this is the first week to begin your homework. Homework is listed here. This will be done on your own, after class. If you have questions about the club as a whole, or about the programming specifically, just ask. You can talk to me in class or email me (emily(at)crossfit-up(dot)com). I'll get a task-specific whiteboard up at some point this week for you all to list your names on and track your workouts. The best days for your homework this week would be either Monday or Tuesday for HW #1, and Saturday for #2. Really, any days are fine, but do try not to use Wednesday as you'll want to be fresh for the regularly programmed pull-ups on Thursday.

Without further ado:


MOVEMENT PREP:  A. partner-assisted band-distracted wall quad stretch - 1:00/side/partner 1:00 KB adductor peeling B. band around ankles - lateral walk d&B, skater walk d&b C. 5:00 to find a peak of 3 box jump, during rest between sets, complete at least 3 sets of 10 glute bridges

STRENGTH: Back squat clusters *If this makes no sense to you, don't worry. Once you do it, it will be very clear* STEP 1: 15 minutes to find a peak of 1. This is a short amount of time on purpose - this peak should be very speedy. STEP 2: go to 90% of peak. Complete 1 rep every 20s for up to 7 reps. So, at 0:00, everyone does 1 rep. At 0:20, everyone does another rep. At 0:40, everyone does another rep again. Rerack between reps, but you will only really have enough time to rerack, take a quick breath, and unrack again. It is imperative that your reps stay fast. Some people will only be able to do 3 reps (at 0:00, 0:20, and 0:40) and that's ok. Everyone will stop at a different number of reps. If you fail, you're done, If you come close to failing or your reps are getting slow, you're done. If you get to 7 reps, stop there. After the first round (7 reps would take 1:40), rest 3:00 and repeat. If you completed all 7 reps in the first round, add 5-10 lbs. for the second round. If you completed 3 or less reps in the first round, take off 5-10 lbs for the second round. Everyone will complete this together on the same clock.

CONDITIONING: 3 rounds: 10 barbell front-racked lunges (75/55) 10 T2B