A. foam roll as needed, 5:00 B. 20 jumping jacks, 20 karate jacks, 16 spiderman steps w/ hulk toss, 16 lateral lunges, 5-4-3-2-1 inchworm push ups or inchworm to plank, 10 windmills, 10 arm circles, 10 arm pretzels, 10 shoulder shrugs, 10 wrist circles


with a partner:


For time: 50 Pull-ups 400 meter run 95 pound Thruster, 21 reps 800 meter run 95 pound Thruster, 21 reps 400 meter run 50 Pull-ups

Partners may partition the pull-up and thrusters reps however they would like with one person working at a time, but must do all runs together.



Dedicated to Army Sgt 1st Class Daniel Crabtree who was killed in Al Kut, Iraq on Thursday June 8th 2006. This is a CrossFit "hero" workout, so called because the WODs are named after fallen warriors, both US and allied, and designed to honor their sacrifice. These workouts are long, hard, and intense. They are not designed to be easy. They are designed to force ordinary people to do extraordinary things, much like each of these heroes has done.