Speed Squats

EMOM for 10 Min

2 reps @ 70% of 1 RM


Strict Running Cindy


Run 400m


5 Strict Pullups

10 Push Ups

15 Squats


There is no link between absolute strength and rate of force production. This means that even though someone may be very strong, say a 500lb squatter, they aren't necessarily powerful. Power is defined as force x distance / time. Time is the key factor in power. Rate of force production is just as important as magnitude. The rate of force production allows for practical application of strength. If it takes you 9 seconds to express maximal strength, what good does it do you in a box jump or suddenly having to dodge a 45 year old skateboarding walking down Pacific Ave? So today, even though the weight on squat will be light, attack it as though it is a max load and focus on speed!