Push Press


*Finding a new 1 RM


30 - 20 - 10

Single Arm KB Thruster

Russian KB Swing

Placing your hand by your side like a tea pot is optional.

We're pairing 2 core to extremity movements here. One has a greater emphasis on knee hinging (thruster) while the other is predominantly a hip hinge (KB Swing).  With both exercises the hips initiate the movement in order to recruit the muscles of the hip and maintain balance over your base of support. They differ in that the thruster begins to additionally recruit the anterior chain (quads) where the kb swing relies more heavily on the posterior chain (glutes and hamstrings) to generate momentum. The eccentric phase of each (lowering or initiation) is performed in a controlled manner while the concentric (standing or hips forward) is executed in an explosive manner to generate as much power as possible. It is important to remember the progression for any workout is; mechanics first, then consistency, then intensity. The goal is to increase intensity, as intensity is the variable most closely associated with favorable adaptation.