FullSizeRender 7Step by step, finding positions of stability in the Turkish Get UP.  Yeah, we got some of those coming tomorrow.  Take your time, find and reinforce those positions, they'll carry you a long way in your fitness journey.  

Workout of the Day

A: 5 min TGU, for Quality.

Practice, work up to a stable single.


B: 4 rounds

400 m. run

25 burpees

Wanna geek out on the TGU?  Watch the video here.


This seemingly simple movement is so powerful and can do so much to balance asymmetries, teach your body where it is in space, and, for the coach, highlight limitations or weaknesses that aren't seen in other movements.  Difficulty with shoulder stability, let's put a big red circle around that shoulder.  Can't get those hips open and high in the high pelvis position?  Well, damn, guess we don't have the range or control and better start addressing it.  This should be your move to enhance your overall stability.  Aim for 50% body weight, see what happens.