FullSizeRender 17July 3rd crew!  Lots of smiling faces, even after a tough WOD.  No matter how tough the workout is, everyone always has a smile, a high five and a lot of encouragement. As we head into the second half of 2015, we need to take a look at where we are and where we're going.  We've talked a lot about goals (if you haven't written down a goal for July, do so before the end of the week!), but how do you know if you've reached them?  We need to test, collecting data points, and we'll be doing that all along the way.  We'll look for an Olympic Total, a CF Total, benchmarks and other metrics to repeat all in the coming months.  Remember, fitness progression and acquisition is a marathon, happening over time, but you also have to put in the time to get closer to those goals.  Have specific goals?  Talk to our coaches, let's help you get there.  Whether it is getting your mile time down, finding your six pack or deadlifting 2x body weight, we want to help you get there.  Let's start tomorrow!


Workout of the Day

A: Row technique


B: For time-

500 m. row

50 pushups

50 sit-ups

30 KBS 53/35

30 burpees

300 m. row

We don't row all that often, due to only having access to a couple of rowers, so here is an extra little primer.  These ergometers are nasty, simple machines, but have a powerful stimulus, combining power AND endurance.  They look so innocent, but the combo can leave a mark.  Here is a great, simple video on the basic mechanics.  Efficiency is always king, and that is never more true than on the rower.  Study up!


Oh, and then just for fun:

Start 'em young!