Rotator-SundayNightArticleCrossFit crowns the next "Fittest Woman on Earth," Katrin Davidsdottir of Iceland and "Fittest Man on Earth," Ben Smith.  11781658_939488239426368_1511170629237924143_n It's easy to get wrapped up in the Games if you're a fan of the "Sport of Fitness," spending a few hours this weekend glued to either the computer, TV or even your phone, checking the leaderboard and having conversations that begin with "did you see...."  Amazing capacities, abilities and dedication of these athletes, for a young sport where opportunity is growing but not plentiful for the majority of those competing.  We can appreciate what they've gone through, because many of us have gone through some of these events from one time to another, like Murph, and know what that feels like.  But I can't imagine having Murph as a warm up and having the remainder of daylight hours be consumed with multiple high intensity efforts.

Whether or not the Games are your thing, the day to day in the gym remains the same:  working towards building YOUR capacities, improving yourself, and becoming a more fit, capable human.  In the end, the largest stumbling block in the Games finale was the peg board, reminiscent of Jr. High gym class.  Many prevailed, but most stumbled.  A good reminder that we need to apply our fitness in multiple ways, and remember to "regularly learn and play new sports."  (pppsssss: there's a swell a-comin')

But, when you're in the gym tomorrow, here's what we got on tap:


Workout of the Day

Skill: Rope Climb



200 m. run

9 Deadlift 225/155#

6 bar facing burpees

1 rope climb


For those still looking to get your first rope climb, I hope to see you up on that rope and on the board tomorrow!  Here's a video highlighting some tips: