11393050_372671746262413_5338817930097466093_nForm and Function.  Bre stacked in her lunge, even during a long, grueling "Eddie Weekend WOD."  Resiliency looks like this.  Jeremiah awaiting his turn.  

As we build our skill progressions, we always want to be able to take it one step further.  We'll address this today, for those who are ready, and introduce the butterfly kip.  Kipping is a skill all its own, and can be applied to movements such as pull ups, toes to bar (or variations) to enhance efficiency for higher repetitions.  This particular variation is applicable to pull ups, and is seen in competitors the world over due to their ability to quickly and efficiently cycle through reps.  Check out Chris Spealler of CF Park City in his instructional video.

*Note: if you do not have 3-5 strict pull ups, we do not encourage kipping for pull ups due to the forces on the shoulder from vertical displacement (up and down movement/stress).  Small kips for toes to bar or lesser variations teach control without vertical displacement. Work on the portion of this movement that is appropriate for you and your skill level.



Workout of the Day

Skill- butterfly kip


3 rounds for Time

10 c/j 135/95#

10 pull-ups


Then, check out Chris Spealler (again) going for 100 pull ups in a row.  It's a long video, but well worth the watch.  And if you've never heard of Chris Spealler, you'll never forget him after this