IMG_4585Homework: Miss the strength class?  No problem.  Your week is clearly written out for you on the right column of the Goal Board.  Talk with Tyler and see which track you're on.  Life gets in the way sometimes, thankfully there are makeups.  Come in during Open Gym on Sat or Sunday, or let us know when you can make it, and if we don't have something going on, let's get you under that bar. Having a carefully crafted program is paramount for making appropriate gains in your fitness, in strength and WODs.  This upcoming month is no different, and we're excited for this month's programming to see how far and hard you all can push it.  Let's put that increased strength to use, continue to push our skill progressions and get closer to virtuosity on all fronts.  The Strength class is crushing it, we're adding a weekly Yoga class (Tue nights at 6:30pm on the DPT side) to keep you mobile, and we're continuing with the skill clinics to learn more about your body and how to optimize your function.  Not to mention a Memorial Day Tradition coming our way. Lots going on these days at UP, let's have an awesome month and get ready for summer!

Workout of the Day

For Time:

9 Deadlifts 275/185#

21 Box jump 24/20”

400m run

7 DL

15 box jumps

400m run

5 DL

9 box jumps

On those box jumps, watch those knees.  Alignment is the same as the squat, just not as deep.  Smile, it should be fun!  Batman shirt optional.