FullSizeRender 2Hands up if you love to mobilize!  Grace, Nic, Ashleigh and Jack getting after some deep hip mobs in our last squat clinic. Mobilizing, like fitness, takes time and consistent dedication to see results.  It may take years to mature a squat, just as it may take years to get those double unders perfected or get your Fran time below 5 minutes.

"We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit." - Aristotle

Lots of truth here.  If we want excellence we must pursue excellence repeatedly so that it becomes a habit.  And once we have it, we must continue to practice and re-enforce it. If it was easy, everyone would do it.  I know I feel I have earned my squat just to get it to where it is now, but it can still get a lot better, and I'm sure I share this feeling with our coaches and members alike.  Want to squat like Eddie?  OK, do a LOT of perfect squats over the next 10 years and hopefully you'll get there (hopefully it doesn't take that long!).  Its not enough to want it, we have to do it, over and over again.  Bit by bit, little by little, incremental progress, upward trend.  Let's work on our squat tomorrow.

Workout of the Day


1rm front squat




25 DU’s