IMG_3683Goals are important.  They guide us, give us purpose behind our workouts and keep us motivated.  We added the "CrossFit UP Goal Board" last week and are starting to fill it in nicely with goals from our members.  For some, it may be to get that first pull up.  For others, to RX a workout or hit a lifetime PR on a lift.  Coach Cassie reminds us to make "SMART" goals that are Special, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-based for best chance to reach those goals.  Make 'em, hit 'em, make new ones.  Constantly strive for better. Onward and UPward! WOD for Monday 3.23.15

A:50 candlesticks (nft)



Not sure what a Candlestick is?  Check it here.  Another Gymnastic-y skill to add to your arsenal.  It's kinda the hollow rock on crack, and will test your deep squat and ankle flexibility too (you might need that this week, just sayin').

Then, we find our 1 RM OH squat.  Let's get some numbers on our board.

The Open is almost closed.  4 down and 1 to go.  We wrap this weekend with the Bar Brawl- CrossFit UP's first in-house competition!  15.5 will likely be in the mix, along with other events.   We have a flier up at the gym and was on our FB page in the past if you want to see what the events will be. Oh yeah, and we finish with Tacos from Taqueria Nyarit- THE BEST!  Let's finish this week strong and hope to see you all in the gym, competing or cheering/celebrating, on Saturday.