IMG_4238Neighbors who 15.3 together have more fun!  Sonja, Lindsey, Justin and Ryan getting after 15.3 during Open Gym on Saturday. 15.3 was a bear, whether you tackled the muscle ups or not.  Nic Yeo went for the MU and succeeded 12 times.  Others who don't yet have their muscles ups got a lot of wall ball and single under practice.  Everyone was exhausted from this grinder.  Huge congrats go out to all our athletes who push themselves, day in and day out, and give it your all.  Remember, if you are participating in the Open and are submitting your scores, do so my 5pm on Monday 3.16.15!


Workout of the Day for Monday 3.16.15

Skill: Turkish Get UP- with focus on creating positions of stability for the shoulder.


For time, complete:

30 Russian Kettle Bell Swings 53/35#

400m. walking lunges

30 Russian Kettle Bell Swings

If your quads were starting to feel better from your run at 15.3, this is sure to get 'em fired back up!  The kettle bell is an implement which teaches those who handle it.  "The weight will teach you" is so true with the TGU, KB swing, inverted holds, really anything/any use you can imagine.   Is the arch of your swing off?  Yeah, KB won't like that.  Settle in, pay attention to the details and the KB will guide you to improved motion, function and performance.  We'll guide you too:)