IMG_7193 2Part of the CF UP and DPT Team getting out of the box and applying their fitness, teamwork and mental toughness at Pacific Edge this weekend. Rock climbing, Superbowl, life.... you never really know what to expect.  Sometimes you're able to prepare and methodically plot things out, others you're presented with a situation and have to think on your feet and make it happen.  Sometimes that situation happens 30 feet up on a wall.  Sometimes it happens in the middle of a WOD when you hit a wall.  Either way, adaptation and readiness is key.

As we continue our preparation for the Open, let's work on our mindset along with our fitness.  In the Open workouts, they are released on Thursday nights, giving a slight heads up to those who choose to wait and prepare and WOD another day.  For others, it means 3-2-1-GO.  To play off of that, we want to prepare you for both the unknown and unknowable, as true to Coach Glassman's initial intention behind the CrossFit Methodology (see article Understanding CrossFit) as possible.

So this week, we will not be releasing the WODs the night before.  Instead, we want you to come prepared and ready to trust in your fitness.  Pack your bag, bring your lifters, your running shoes, your long socks, your jump rope, etc, and bring a trust in yourself and your coaches that no matter what comes up on that board, that you can get through it.  As always, our goal is to make it challenging and successful, that will never change.  It takes a different kind of strength to walk into a workout that you don't know anything about.  But you've all been there before, just think back to your first day of Fundamentals or your first WOD.  Trust the process.  Reap the mental and physical benefits.