FullSizeRenderWhatever Coach Eddie did to Chelsea and Cindy (the WODs, not Cindi R. nor any member by that name), Saturday was vengeful with C2B, Deficit Push Ups and Wall balls- all after a Chelsea-like EMOM! Couldn't capture all the action on the pull up bar with this one as well, but both the 9 and 10 GOT AFTER it yesterday. FullSizeRender 2So proud of our Community!  A handful of members stayed well into Open Gym discussing all things fitness; from training, diet, our 30-day challenge, recovery or support from our group here, we are building stronger humans and connections.

"Measurable, Observable and Repeatable." CF Journal Article "Understanding CrossFit."

2 Opportunities to Re-Test on this first day of February 2016!!

1.  The Dunk Tank Returns!  If you want to see and track your progress from the last 30 days, or just need another, or first, data point, today is the day!  Only 3 spots left though! (http://www.fitnesswavenorcal.com/calendar.html)

2.  Our WOD for Monday pits you against your former self from 4 weeks ago.  How are those resolutions holding up?  Are you eating better?  Hitting the gym regularly?  Improving your sleep/nutrition/recovery?  Do you "feel" different?  Are you measurably stronger in 4 weeks?  Well, let's test 2 efforts: Back squat and 1K Row time.  2 chances, 2 pathways to find if you are better "across broad time and modal domains."  If so, damn good work.  If not, use the support from our community to build your resolve and kick the next test in the #@$%.


WOD for 2/1/16

Re-test (01/04)

A: Back Squat 7 RM

B: row 1K

Here's the pic from 1/4