WOD 20 min EMOM

1 Curtis P

increasing in weight to a heavy single

1 Curtis P is: Full clean, lunge L, lunge R, push press or jerk

For a video demo, check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gBf2MoGNud0

In the video they do it with a power clean.  If you’ve got it, we’re going full.

Complexes are a chance for us to get some volume in while keeping a barbell in our hands.  We’ve been working our strength and power, now let’s mix them together in an EMOM.  Work to build up over time so the last few are really challenging, we’ve got 20 of these.  Maintaining midline stability through these 3 movements is paramount, and we’ll work to prep you for this appropriately.  The Curtis P is new to CF UP, so introduce yourself!


Constantly Varied Opportunities

As we embark on a new chapter for CrossFit UP and reflect of our collective year behind us, it’s important to remember that change is constant.  We can fight it or we can embrace it, but it is going to happen. One of the core tenants of CrossFit is “constantly varied” citing routine as the enemy.  New Year’s resolutions, as cliché as they are, provide us the opportunity to break our old routines and start new ones and give a point of reference for our changes.  Sounds like as good a time as any.

The opportunities in the coming phase/year are going to be varied and plentiful.  Let’s be better movers.  Let’s become fitter.  Let’s learn about how our bodies function.  Let’s have a lot of fun.  Let’s dial in our diet.  Let’s lift some heavy stuff.  Let’s climb to new heights.  Let’s do all of this together.

Our new programming cycle kicks off tomorrow.  Time to burn off the holiday cookies and get back on the horse (or Airdyne, right?).  We finished our strength cycle with the Total last month, and, while some of us fell victim to the holidays and end-of-the-year madness, may not have had the opportunity to apply our new gains (I, for one, have definitely fallen into this category).  Well here it is.  We’re going to focus on cleaning up our movement then applying our aggregate fitness as we always do, while the domains and skills will keep you guessing. We’re going to ask you to move into new ranges of motion and develop strength in those new ranges.  We’re going to ask you to seek Virtuosity in all movements, and will provide the opportunity to build towards this.  We’re going to ask you to dig deep and find your intensity switch – remember, this is relative to you – and get you out of the comfort zone.   And we’re going to have as much fun doing this as possible.

January will bring the likes of specialty skill clinics to get one step closer to virtuosity and lifestyle cohort support to dial in our diet for optimal lifestyle and performance balance.  You’ll be hearing from Sonja, Eddie and Cassie about these clinics and programs, so keep en eye out on FB for updates!   Aerial Arts of Santa Cruz will be collaborating to put on gymnastic specific skill days to fine tune your bodyweight mastery. Along with more PT support on the CF UP side, Ryan DeWitt, PT and Dusty Hurd, PT will be coaching a few classes a week to enhance our integration.  And we’ll be seeing Jenny Lau not just holding down the 6ams, but also Wednesday afternoons all while programming our WODs with her eclectic expertise , and Cassie will be a staple on T, Th and Friday afternoons.   We’ll also look for more excuses to have some good old fashioned community fun, whether it’s at the beach or just gathering for a BBQ, we’ll  create more opportunities to recreate as a group.

We’re looking forward to our new opportunities and hope you’ll join us in our quest to elevate CF UP and ourselves!  See you in the gym.