Do note that the schedule is a bit different this week. Donovan is back home somewhere in the midwest for a fight (go Donovan!), so the Tuesday and Thursday 6ams are cancelled. Also, we have a new prospective head coach taking the reigns of the 9a tomorrow as part of his interview process. If you're interested in meeting him, make sure to come in for that class! Just make sure that you're checking in on MindBody to see the most up-to-date schedule. Also, remember that for each person who checks themselves in to class ahead of time, we're donating $1 to Ride-a-Wave. We already gave $74 last week, let's try to top that this week!



Clean AND jerk :)


50 DU (not so great at DU? halve the reps or do attempts. no singles.) 10 C&Js (115/75/something you can do 8-10 unbroken at) 40 DU 8 C&J 30 DU 6 C&J 20 DU 4 C&J 10 DU 2 C&J

Don't let the rain bring you down team! See you in the gym!