FullSizeRender 10 "Do you even lift, Bro?"  Strength/Powerlifting program for this week with Coach J.  Get under a bar and move some L B's around.  Strength gainz happen when you move heavy stuff.

Be it WODs, strength, yoga or whatever, movement matters.  We always say (and we stole this from the FMS guys) "Move well and move often," and getting in and improving your movement and reinforcing your movement patterns with volume, speed and load is what leads to competency.  That same competency leads to performance and PRs.  Move more, get better, get fitter.  Done.

Kick off the week with WODs and hit the Strength/Power class with Coach J at 6:30pm.


Workout of the Day

3 rounds

25 pull-ups

25 wall balls 20/14