Results from Saturday's Total. All orange blocks are PRs - nice work team!  

Now that we've built up and tested our strength, we're going to switch our focus onto conditioning. Ideally our new strength will allow us to tackle some heavier pieces and allow us to start getting a bit closer to Rx'd  more often. Tomorrow will be a fairly low-stress day to account for people still recovering from the Total.



A. Foam roll lats, 1:00/side; lax ball hamstrings, 1:00/side

B. recoiled rollover stomps to the floor, 2x8

C.8 band pull-aparts 10s hollow hold 8 scap push-ups 8 inchworm to 2/2 shoulder taps 8 banded rows 10s hollow hang 8 assisted squats 4/4 plank rows 4/4 banded lat push down w/ ASLR 4/4 SL RDL 8 goblet squats 8 face pulls


20:00 to peak your box jump. During your rest period, accumulate at least 10 really hard pull-ups, one at a time. Add weight if need be.


CrossFit Disco: 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 pull-ups box jumps