FullSizeRender 22Halloween WOD at CF UP!  All in costumes, all had fun.  Cheech (Silvia) takes the win- keeping the mustache on the whole time! 2 months of 2015 left, meaning we have 9 weeks to crush some goals and be our 2015 best.  We have members reaching, and exceeding goals, achieving more physically and mentally than they ever thought possible.  Each goal leads to the next, and so we grow, better each day as an athlete, stronger each day as a community.  What can we do to help you meet your goals?  Talk to your coach- we're here for you.

WOD for Monday

4 rounds 15 clean and jerk 135/95 75 DU’s

High technique day!  Let's take your skill 1 step closer to virtuosity.  Lots of opportunities to practice.