This is it folks, our last week of Total prep. Accordingly, it will be a bit of a deload week so that everyone goes into Saturday feeling fresh and primed. One of the biggest determining factors here is going to be staying fast throughout the week. You'll see several days of EMOMs where you are doing 2 reps of a movement every minute on the minute at 65-75% of your max. These numbers are low for a reason. Research and experience have both shown time and again that lifters who focus on making 65-75% of their maxes faster show quicker improvement than lifters who just regularly max or take slow attempts at near-maximal weights. All of this to say, if you focus this week on making every single one of your EMOM reps instantaneous, you could see a ton of progress between now and Saturday. Strength for the week will fall on the following day: Monday - back squat

Tuesday - clean

Wednesday - press

Thursday - deadlift

Friday - pull-up

As for tomorrow:



A. lax ball calves, 1:00/side Lax ball hip flexors and TFL, 1:00/side Band-distracted wall quad stretch, 1:00/side

B. 2:00 AMRAP double-unders or attempts

C. hip star drill, band around ankles

D. hip swings, 5/side front-to-back, 5/side side-to-side air squat, 5 reps hollow hold, 10s KB overhead walk, d&b Goblet squat, 5 reps Plank hold 10s Bottoms up KB press, 5/side Single arm KB thruster, 5/side Push-up, 5 reps Ring row, 5 reps Barbell jump squat, 5 reps


8:00 EMOM: 2 back squats @ 65-70% for perfect speed


20:00 AMRAP:

5 wallballs 10 ring rows 5 push ups 10 sit ups 5 burpees 10 double unders