Eddie is doing all the coaches a huge favor and coaching ALL the classes today, as Coach Jenny is out of town and I will be spending the day traveling home from Philly, where I've been for a friend's wedding. If you haven't met him yet or haven't had a chance to take one of his classes because of scheduling, today is the day to do so!


MOVEMENT PREP:  A. Lax ball glutes & TFL, 1:00/side. Partner-assisted band-distracted wall quad stretch - 30s/side/person. Band overhead stretch - 1:00/side

B. banded walks: lateral down and back, skater down and back. anti-rotation single-leg glute bridge x 8/side

C. 4:00 to peak box jump.

SKILL/STRENGTH: Power clean. 12:00 EMOM 3 reps, building. Start at around 50%, feel free to build or repeat weights at your own discretion throughout the 12:00.

CONDITIONING: 3 rounds: 30s AMRAP power cleans (135/95/65-70% of today's heaviest set) Rest 15s 30s AMRAP burpees Rest 15s 30s max calories on AD or row Rest 2:00