FullSizeRender 17Nora, Ryan, Leigh, Eddie, Nic and Bre representin' CF UP at this year's Affiliate Cup this past weekend.  Our team had a strong initial showing, 23rd out of 35 scaled teams.  Amazing effort and support by all, so proud of our community.  Stronger every day in every way. When we talked to other gym owners about opening up a CF box, they all said how fun it was and how the community becomes a part of your family.  The past few weeks, and especially over this weekend, we felt this stronger than ever.  The energy, support, effort, sportsmanship, and just enjoying performing hard damn work with all of you, I couldn't be more proud of the community we have all grown.  Can't wait to see where we go next- onward and UPward! Thanks for being a part of our CF UP family.

Workout of the Day

A: run 1 mile for time (09/16) B: max distance handstand walk C: 5 min strict toes-to-bar

3 parts, 3 skills, 3 scores.  One is a re-test (1 mile run), so run like the devil is chasing you and prove you've gotten better the last 6 weeks.  Then shift gears to working on your HS walk or any iteration of being inverted (or even working up to that).  Then, see what your core and grip are made of.

For some tutorial on the handstand walk progression, check out this video from DogTown CF: