12119992_411158605747060_5042008463658591840_oBuck Furpees!  1 min overtime challenge.  Our top 4 teams getting after it to win a chance at the trophy during our 2nd Bar Brawl. What an amazing experience and turnout at our 2nd Bar Brawl.  8 teams, 16 participants and a bunch of supporters, watching our mixed up teams battle through Eddie's spicy WODs.  In the end, there were a lot of high 5s, laughs, sweat angels and sense of community, with Aaron August and Mikayla Reed as the top team!

This coming week we return to regular programming, including 2 workouts that compare to earlier in the year.  Take a record, compare and see where you stand vs where you were.

Workout of the Day

6 min:

6 Deadlift @ 60-65%

8 C2B Pullups

Rest 3:00

3 min:

3 DL

4 C2B