smart-goals Goals.  They're important.  I know you've heard this before, but at the beginning of the year we have a unique opportunity to goal set and reflect on where we've been and what we want to accomplish.  Goals should be SMART, as in:



Action orientated

Realistic and


What is more timely than the turning of another year?  What do you want out of yourself in the next 6-12 months?  What are you going to do to get there?  Which will take priority over others, and what will you need to change in order to make it happen?

Change is hard.  CrossFit is hard.  Coincidence?  Not really.  CrossFit effects a change, both mental and physical, and once you accept that and develop habits around supporting it, that's when true, lasting change happens.  Same thing with our 30 day "Lean and Mean for 2016" challenge, as we're hoping we are setting the foundation for better habits around food (energy) and activity that will carry over.  And this is just one aspect of our lives.  Imagine if this is the tipping point to effect change in our personal lives, our work lives, our relationships.  Just like the fitness you're developing in CF improving all other activities and how you address the world.  Setting goals and priorities, and then achieving those goals shows us just what is possible.

I don't know about you but I'm fired up to see what I can accomplish with goal setting, action toward achievement, support from my community and good old fashioned hard f-ing work.  That's how I want to make 2016 a banner year.  Anyone care to join me?

Let's start off 2016 with a TEST!

A: Back Squat 7 RM

B: row 1K

Like all tests, we will re-test in 1 month.  Get this one in, even if it is later in the week during Open Gym.

Wanna get stronger?  More strength = better performance in WODs.  Coach J's strength class on MW 6:30pm is for good clean linear progression.  Get in and get strong.  He's out the week of 1/4 and 1/6, but come in during Open Gym or during the class time as we'll be there with Fundamentals and can help you through it.


If you read this all the way to the bottom and you're ready to get after it, comment "Hell Yeah!" on our FB page!