king-kong-roarYep, starting Monday with a monster, but hopefully you feel like this when you're done! Nothing like mixing heavy and challenging movements! Our CrossFit Open prep continues, and this WOD contains many movements we're likely to see, but all rolled into one.  The Open historically pushes skill, strength and metabolic conditioning in classic CrossFit combinations, and with a mix of heavy deadlifts and cleans and challenging gymnastic movements like muscle ups and handstand pushups, this WOD is sure to find a hole in your fitness.  Look pretty heavy and a bit out of reach?  As always, we'll scale is appropriately so you can get the stimulus we're looking for as you're building your strength and skill set to tackle this one another day.



3x: 1 DL 455/300# 2 Muscle-ups 3 Sq.Clns 250/165# 4 HSPU

(DL use 85-90%. MU sub 4 c2b, 2 dips. Cln use 80%.)

Here is a video of 4-time CrossFit Games Champ Rich Froning performing King Kong back in 2011 (he won 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014).  His reps/movements are MUCH cleaner the last few years, but this was still moving a lot of weight (and still is by our accounts) for these guys at the time.