Ashoka started training at CrossFit UP in January and comes in 2-3 times per week. He also practices jiujitsu 3-5 times per week. He says he joined our box because: “I really admired Ryan's knowledge of both strength and conditioning and rehabilitation, and his love for sports performance. I wanted to improve my functional mobility, core stability, and overall fitness and I jumped at the opportunity to start training in an environment where I not only could improve my own fitness, but also learn about the science and application of fitness as well.” 10262221_10202816874776078_4913547670569171059_n

Ashoka recently became a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and eventually wants to become a strength coach.

Doing CrossFit for half a year now, Ashoka has developed a lot more mobility, improved his core strength, and is starting to polish up his lifting technique with the on-going help from the CrossFit UP team. His next future goal is to refine his lifting technique and he is eager to master the fundamentals of Olympic lifting.

His favorite part of CrossFit UP? "I really enjoy the emphasis placed on mechanics, movement and good technique. From the FMS screening, corrective exercises, to the warm up and the actual work out’s themselves. Everything is structured toward making me a better mover both in the gym and outside of the gym as well, and I love the empowerment that comes with increased movement ability. I also love the Surf WOD’s. Overall I would have to say that my  favorite part about CrossFit UP is the attention to detail and the quality coaching that I receive from the coaching staff each and every time I work out.”