Outstanding job to everyone who participated in Fight Gone Bad today. Record your times in case we decide that its ever a good idea to do that again.

But onward and upward (unintentional pun, but totally intentional)


400m Run for time

Rest 90 seconds

Repeat 6 x


8 – 8 – 8

Barbell Lunge

There is a profound anti-rotational demand place on the trunk during running. The length tension relationship between the hip flexors and the thighs also play a crucial role in acceleration and stride mechanics. We will be focusing on glute activation, hip flexor mobility and trunk stability during our warm up in order to give you the best chance at optimal performance. Also, strength and mobility have a lock and key relationship. One is no good without the other. Hence the barbell lunge. Why do them at the end? 1. After the warm up and 1st part of the workout you will be able to hit a much better position in your lunge with an emphasis on elongating the trail leg (stronger carry over to improving your speed and stability) 2. Constantly varied functional movements executed at a high intensity.

Unorthodox running mechanics, but you get the idea