HUGE turnout today! The highest Tuesday attendance in CrossFit UP history! Great job coming in the box taking on a tough workout. I loved seeing everyone rally together (usually around round 3 or 4) and offering up encouragement and feedback all day. We've got a great community here and it's a credit to your effort and consistency.


Strict Pull Up Progression

7:30 to accumulate as many strict pull ups as you can. Each attempt on the bar, stop 2 - 3 reps shy of failure then recover before getting back on. Try to match or beat your 8 min total from last week.


Death by 10m

On minute one, perform 1 ten meter sprint. On minute two, perform 2. Three, 3 and so on until you can no longer complete the number of 10m sprints for that round in under 1 min.

The object of today's WOD is to mess with you stress specific energy systems. Here's a great link to an article by Greg Glassman that explains the different energy systems and how to train them.

Attack each sprint early on with max effort. There may only be one sprint on the first minute and two on the second but that doesn't mean that there isn't some valuable training and fitness to be gained from those early rounds. By sprinting with max effort you are fully taxing that ATP/Phosphagen and increasing your speed, power and capacity in that system. As the workout progresses you will naturally progress towards that glycolitic zone and get some great work there. But don't sell yourself short on those early rounds "saving up" for later rounds. Defy Gravity. Run Fast. Get Fit.