FullSizeRender 24Great turnout for Dusty's last class with CF UP!  Lots of heart, effort and muscle ups (and progressions) shown today.  Thanks, Coach, for all you've brought to our Community. Losing members of our community is hard.  Whether they've been with us for months or years, the impact is felt in a tight-knit community like ours here at CF UP.  Dusty has been with us since last fall and coaching since January, becoming a staple at 8am on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Life happens and things come up, but we can appreciate everyone's part and influence in our daily lives.  No matter what, CF UP is here to be a constant.  We want to help you pursue heath and fitness.  We want this to be the best part of your day.  We want to support and inspire you.  And we're here, collectively, for all of you, and it's the best part of our day, too.

Workout of the Day Strength: Back Squat 3-3-3, building


AMRAP 10 20 thrusters 75/53# 20 slam balls 20/14#