IMG_5244Pistolas!  Nic and Ali gettin' low. We've had our share of difficult movements this week with snatches and pistols along with double unders and everything else.  When our challenges come up more frequently, it is a greater encouragement to work on our weaknesses.  We're here to help you get better, so if that is additional skill time, mobilization time or just to talk movement/fitness/diet/waves/whatever, take advantage of Open Gym hours, come early, stay late.  Constantly strive to improve.  You guys are rock stars and have all come a long way!

Big shouts to my Noon Class! To Pam (first time DL heavy and first double under try), Bre (massive DL PR!),Sonja (for attacking her double unders despite their bite- see pic below), Ron (consistency), Silvia (form), Erin (Pullin' weight!), Kathy (form) and Brandon and Eddie (for going big with strong form).  Great group of athletes in there!

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Workout of the Day

AMRAP 15 Minutes:

9 strict pull-ups

15 push press 95/65

21 situps