image 2Jeremiah and Curt, just hanging.   Jeremiah got his first muscle up this week, the first of many I'm sure! It's been a shoulder week around these parts.  Pushing, pulling, holding, swinging and rotating, and tomorrow will be no different.  Looking at the demands on the shoulder, we have opposing but equally taxing stimuli; compression and traction.  The job of the rotator cuff is to keep the ball in the middle of the socket so your shoulder works properly and the larger muscles (usually the ones most people can name) can do the cool stuff.  With the overhead squat, the cuff gets to keep it centered and from slipping around, even adding compression as we wind up the capsule by trying to "Break the Bar" for enhanced stability.  With Toes to Bar, it's trying to keep the ball from being pulled from the socket, which again we're trying to seat in there by winding up the capsule and having the cuff hold on for dear life.  Don't over think it, it's our job to make sure these cues get carried out for these reasons, just appreciate all your shoulders do for you.



Workout of the Day

Work: Overhead Squat 7-7-2-2-2


10 min AMRAP:

10 OHS 75/55#

10 T2B

To get you pumped up, check out CrossFit OG Chris Spealler in this CF HQ tutorial.  OHS, NBD.