May Day! FullSizeRender 5

Coach Cassie making sure everyone is getting UP with stability and awesomeness in mind. Hint: you'll be seeing this tomorrow.

A month or two ago I asked a question: "what is exercise to you?"  I'm going to ask this to you all here, and again on Facebook, and I want you to really think about it.  Exercise, call it fitness, or whatever term helps you identify with your take on what it is you do within the walls at UP or otherwise.  I hope to see some visceral responses full of conviction and resolve, but maybe you just want to sweat, and dammit that's OK too.  I won't bore you with my thoughts, but very interested in yours.  3-2-1- GO!


Workout of the Day

Skill/Actiation: Turkish Get Up (all the way UP this time!)



ring dip


goblet squat 70/53#