5:30 Class gettin' down with fitness with Coach Cassie! Turkish Get UPs, Power Snatches and OH squats. picstitch(1)Packed house tonight for some serious time under a barbell.  Great effort by all, learning the intricacies OH shoulder stability and applying it directly.

Workout of the Day

3 rounds for time

20 front rack walking lunges 115/75

20 sit-ups

20 superman

The lunge is a special movement in my opinion, it tells us a LOT about an athlete.  Where are they tight, where are they weak?  If you can't keep that trailing hip open, you probably have some anterior chain (hip flexor and quad) tightness.  If you lean forward upon rising, we expect core/glute weakness and poor control over that pattern.  Let's prep that lunge, get it right, then load it if your system can take it.  Best way to re-enforce a proper movement is to do it over and over (sounds like CF, right?), and better yet, put load on it and hit "save."